With rising energy costs and supply-chain instability, the move towards cleaner energy sources is tempting and necessary. 

Luckily for Australia, we’re a country with plenty of naturally abundant resources with options that could lead to a more sustainable future. 

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is a cleaner choice. It will be a crucial part of Australia’s energy mix for many years to come. Why is it a greener option? It has a low carbon to hydrogen ratio, which means it produces much less carbon dioxide when burnt. Making it a lower carbon alternative to natural gas, yet with many of the same benefits. 

And there’s more good news. Australian LPG is propane which is not a greenhouse gas, in contrast to methane-rich natural gas.  

Elgas is a leading supplier of LPG in Australia, committed to providing homes and large-scale industries with a cleaner, lower carbon and more efficient fuel. 

The technical specialists at Elgas will help connect you with a consistent and trusted bulk supply of LPG. That will meet your specific business requirements and ensure your site complies with any necessary standards and industry codes.

Switching to LPG for your commercial hot water options will give you continuous flow and high efficiency, all with lower carbon emissions. In addition, you’ll have a constant supply of on-demand hot water without any of the hassles of storage tanks or recovery time. 

For businesses looking to boost their solar hot water systems with gas, look no further than LPG. It can be perfectly sized to fit your needs and gives you the guarantee that you’ll always have hot water, even when the sun’s not shining. 

Along with the inherent efficiency benefits that LPG delivers, Elgas is also committed to helping secure a better, more sustainable future. The company’s Sustainability Goals are part of these efforts and are a strategic plan to help create lower emissions tomorrow. 

Elgas will support industry and customers to achieve their goals with a commitment to a secure LPG supply, carbon offsetting and continued research & development of renewable gas. 

Visit Elgas to discover how LPG can deliver a cleaner energy solution for your business.

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