Jemena has completed a major upgrade project on the gas network of Bowral, located in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

The works involved the trenchless rehabilitation of 13 kms of gas distribution mains and involved inserting modern, high-density nylon piping into existing gas mains – such as old cast iron mains and older plastic mains.

Since 1987, Jemena has rehabilitated almost 6,000 kms of gas mains – which represents almost a quarter of the 25,000 km-long Jemena Gas Network in New South Wales. This network distributes natural gas to 1.2 million homes and businesses throughout the state.

“Rehabilitation of the Bowral network will minimise the likelihood of gas leaks or a loss of gas which sometimes happens when these older cast-iron pipes become rusted or crack,” says Alf Rapisarda, Jemena’s Executive General Manager, Networks and Pipes.

“The completion of this rehabilitation project will also ensure the Bowral network is able to cope with growth in demand for natural gas which is driven by the increasing number of homes and businesses in the area using natural gas and the increasing use of gas appliances,” he adds.

The Bowral rehabilitation project is one of many that are part of Jemena’s $800 million investment over a five-year period to upgrade and extend the Jemena Gas Network.

This investment is aimed at ensuring more homes and businesses can enjoy the benefits of natural gas, at ensuring the reliability and integrity of gas supply to homes and businesses, and at meeting the growing demand for natural gas as customer numbers grow each year.

Each year, Jemena lays approximately 200 kilometres of new gas mains and around 30,000 new customers connect to the gas network in New South Wales.

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