Gippsland Water is preparing for a series of upgrades to strengthen water supply in Moe, the biggest of which will be the build of a second treated water storage basin at the site, now in the final stages of planning approval.

Gippsland Water Managing Director, Sarah Cumming, said, “The new 25 megalitre water storage basin will hold treated water to supply residents in Moe, Newborough and surrounding areas – as well as the Yallourn Power Station.

“The current basin is close to capacity and can’t sustain the long-term growth and development of the towns and industry it supplies.”

Ms Cumming said works would start in autumn, initially with improvements to one of the treatment plant buildings, followed by the construction of the new basin and finally replacement of the existing basin’s cover and liner.

“Not only does the new basin cater for future growth in the area, but it also gives us greater flexibility and resilience in the water supply system,” Ms Cumming said.

Gippsland Water has worked closely with the Edward Hunter Bush Reserve Committee, neighbours to the site, and Traditional Owners to plan the upgrades.

“Like with all of our works, we’ve made sure we understand our potential impact on the environment and taken steps to ensure any impacts from our work are offset,” Ms Cumming said.

Gippsland Water is working to ensure current and future residents of Gippsland have ongoing access to a secure water supply.

“These upgrades are crucial to securing the water supply for Moe, Newborough and surrounding areas,” Ms Cumming said.

Gippsland Water committed to building a new liner and cover for the existing basin at the Moe Water Treatment Plant in its 2018 water price submission.

For more information about the project, click here.

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