Aquatec Maxcon is progressing with the first stage of a two stage project to upgrade the High Lift Pump Station located at Glenmore Water Treatment Plant, following the recent award of the contract by Rockhampton Regional Council.

Stage One involves a complete overhaul of the pumping station’s electrical equipment. This includes the current switchboard, transformers, cables, switch gear and programmable logic controller components. Aquatec Maxcon will also be constructing a new building onsite to contain the new switchgear and VSD’s.

Stage Two involves the mechanical upgrade of the pump station including horizontal split-case pumps, 800kW motors and interconnecting pipework.

The pump station is currently capable of pumping 70ML/day and when Stage Two is complete, the new system will be able to pump 170ML/day. One of the main design requirements of this project is to upgrade the pump station so that it will be the most efficient that it can possibly be.

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