The presence of oxygen in power transformer oil has been shown to accelerate the aging process of the solid insulation. In order to maximise a transformer’s operational life, its oxygen levels should remain as low as possible. Now there is a new method for detecting transformer air leaks that will extend the life of the transformer as well as save costs.

The new method, measuring total gas pressure (TGP), is a step forward from the traditional measurement methods to detect air leaks that are currently available on the market. The method is based on measuring total pressure of all dissolved gases in the power transformer insulation oil, which will help customers detect and repair any air leaks early and can extend the lifetime of a transformer and lead to significant cost savings.

An oxygen sensor cannot detect an air leak if there is a reaction in a transformer that consumes oxygen. Even if all oxygen has been consumed, the TGP value will still give a reliable indication of a leak because the nitrogen value will both dominate and increase over time as it is neither formed nor consumed in the transformer. Additionally, TGP measurement can indicate if the nitrogen cylinder of a nitrogen blanketed transformer is empty – another task that oxygen measurement cannot detect.

Teemu Hanninen, Product Manager from Vaisala’s Industrial Measurements, said that the company is always looking for new ways to improve operations for its clients.

“We are always looking for new solutions to help our customers to optimise their measurement needs and therefore wanted to develop an innovative, accurate and robust solution for detecting air leaks in transformers,” Mr Hanninen said.

“We are very happy now to introduce this innovative new method that is based on measuring total gas pressure.”

White paper: Using total gas pressure to detect ambient air leaks

With the increased use of sealed transformers, the issue of air leaks as a source of oxygen has grown in importance. Such air leaks are often caused by embrittlement of gaskets or the rubber bag.

In order to maximise a transformer’s operational life, its oxygen levels should remain as low as possible. Monitoring that proper sealing is maintained against ambient air ingress through total gas pressure measurement is a groundbreaking new method for ensuring just that.

Download the white paper below for an in-depth explanation on:

  • Current sampling and oxygen measurement methods
  • Comparing monitoring methods
  • Exploring total gas pressure
  • Proving its reliability and accuracy
  • Supporting case studies

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