As utilities move towards digitisation, Sarah Mahar is helping them understand how they’re tracking now, and what they need to do to become successful digital organisations in the future. At Secure Utilities, she’ll be sharing her experience in the field and showing utilities her tips and tricks for becoming more cyber aware.

sarah-mahar-smMs Mahar, Asset Management Program Coordinator at WSAA, is speaking at Secure Utilities, which showcases the latest thinking on cybersecurity for utilities. The one day event is being held on March 23 at the Rendezvous Hotel in Melbourne.

A chartered Senior Engineer and Project Manager with a broad range of design, construction and operational experience within the water sector spanning over 16 years, Ms Mahar is involved in collaboration with utility members across a broad range of asset management themes, including risk and resilience.

At Secure Utilities, Ms Mahar will discuss how digitisation in water utilities is about automation and connecting networks and systems, using good data and analytics to better link causes and effects.

Ms Mahar will argue that while digitisation is about changing current processes and approaches, culture must be central in order to make it stick and to take full advantage of opportunities. Digitisation, at this highest level, is a key enabler of a truly customer-centric business.

Ms Mahar will look at how, for the water sector and utilities in general, the rate of change is increasing and at times disrupting industries, and presenting a number of risks and challenges that need to be addressed.

The presentation will provide an overview of WSAAs approach to supporting utilities on the journey towards digitisation, and define what being a customer-centric business mean in relation to the digital utility.

It will also assess the current maturity of the water industry in relation to the digital economy, discuss the main risks and current gaps, and outline the next steps to take.

How has digitisation affected your utility? Our event, Secure Utilities, will ensure your utility keeps up with the latest thinking and technology to keep its assets and data safe.


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