Solar panels at Nhill

Construction of the Nhill Renewable Energy Facility is due to begin in May 2024.

GWMWater has awarded a contract to Next Generation Electrical for the works.

The facility is GWMWater’s first venture into large scale energy generation with direct connection into the local electricity grid. 

When fully operational, it is expected to offset 70 per cent of GWMWater’s total electricity use across its 330 pump stations, treatment facilities, offices and depots.

GWMWater Managing Director, Mark Williams, said the project was part of the organisation’s broader clean energy strategy.

“This is a major and exciting step forward for GWMWater, working towards becoming a carbon-neutral net-generator of electricity,” Mr Williams said.

The facility is being jointly developed, owned and operated between GWMWater and Vibe Energy, and is expected to be operational from early 2025.

Vibe Energy is an energy infrastructure company based in South Australia.

The facility will include a 2.75MW/6.7MWh battery and is expected to generate 6.5MW of solar energy from more than 9,000 solar panels – the equivalent of about 1,000 residential rooftop systems.

GWMWater said the Nhill facility, along with solar generation that has been installed at 59 other GWMWater sites, will enable the utility to become more self-sufficient by generating the energy needed to operate its services with less reliance on electricity from the grid.

GWMWater also said the facility will enable it to achieve its goals of sourcing 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2025 and reaching net zero by 2035.

GWMWater said its investment in renewable energy enables the utility to continue to deliver essential water and sewer services, without passing on the rising cost of energy on to customers. 


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