GWMWater has announced that it has entered into an agreement with Vibe Energy to jointly deliver a renewable energy facility at Nhill, the utilities first venture into large scale energy generation. 

The facility, which includes a 2.75MW (6MWh) battery, is planned to be located off the Western Highway, behind the Nhill Trailer Exchange, and is expected to offset 70 per cent of GWMWater’s total electricity demand with 6.2MW of solar energy generation. This is the equivalent of around 1,000 residential rooftop systems. 

Construction will commence once planning approvals are finalised and the facility is  expected to be operational by the end of 2024. 

GWMWater Managing Director, Mark Williams, said that the project was part of the  organisation’s broader clean energy strategy and is a major step towards GWMWater  becoming a carbon neutral net-generator of electricity. 

“GWMWater is committed to securing 100 per cent of its energy consumption from renewable sources by 2025 and becoming carbon neutral by 2035,” Mr Williams said. 

“The Nhill facility, along with solar generation that has been installed at 59 other  GWMWater sites, will enable us to become more self-sufficient in locally generating the  energy we need to operate water and wastewater services.

“GWMWater is well placed to leverage its existing assets, systems and customer  relationships, combined with new energy generation assets – such as the Nhill  Renewable Energy Facility – to become a net-generator of electricity and supply local  businesses and communities.” 

Vibe Energy’s Director, Dean Panos, said that the company was looking forward to partnering with GWMWater to boost the local market. 

“Vibe Energy is excited to be playing a role in facilitating GWMWater’s energy  transition, which will allow locally generated renewable energy to service local demand,” Mr Panos said. 

Significant progress has already been made in implementing GWMWater’s Clean  Energy Strategy with “behind the meter” solar installations generating 2.3MW of  renewable energy. This energy is used at GWMWater sites primarily to reduce grid  electricity demand.  

Victorian Minister for Water, Harriet Shing, said, “Victoria’s water corporations are leading the nation with their target of 100 percent renewable energy for their operations by 2025, helping to cut emissions without increasing customer bills.” 

Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources, Lily D’Ambrosio, said, “GWMWater is taking control of its own energy future by installing local renewable electricity that will help power their operations, cutting down their emissions and cutting the cost of  electricity.”

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