Managing a water treatment system for a major metropolitan network requires careful monitoring and streamlined processes to ensure that operations are not interrupted. Here, we take a look at how a United States water utility implemented pressure transmitters to automate their processes and deliver precise and reliable data.

Operating a massive metropolitan water treatment system is a mammoth task that demands careful monitoring and management of intricate processes across a sprawling network.

In order to streamline this system and free up personnel for more pressing matters, a water company in the United States made the decision to automate its processes through the installation of pressure sensors across its network.

Left to their own devices
The first unexpected hurdle the company faced was the challenge of using sensors from many different manufacturers.

While this worked on a technical level, in practice it proved to be a headache for water company personnel. Chief amongst these issues was the overall end user experience; the devices were difficult to configure and operate, and with many different devices at play, the knowledge gained by learning to operate one sensor typically wasn’t transferable to another.

The other major hurdle was in obtaining support for these devices. According to company personnel, years would pass without seeing anyone from some of the device manufacturers, therefore the team just had to do their best to configure and troubleshoot dozens of devices.

Discovering the VEGA experience
The water company’s search for a new instrument supplier led it to the process measurement experts at VEGA, and over the course of multiple days the VEGA team toured the utility’s facilities and met the people involved in their instrumentation and automation decisions to better understand its needs.

From there, VEGA provided trial units to be tested on multiple applications, allowing the team to see firsthand what set VEGA pressure instrumentation apart. The water company was impressed by the precision and reliability of the measurements, and the sensors were easy to set up and configure – some even offered features like Bluetooth connectivity that allowed operators to wirelessly monitor, set up, and adjust them through the VEGA Tools app.

After exploring VEGA’s solutions, the water company decided that it had found the instrumentation partner it was looking for. VEGA personnel worked closely with the utility to not only install and commission VEGA sensors across the entire system, but also to train operators on how to use the sensors and best leverage them to reach process automation goals.

Precise and reliable measurements across the system
Today, the water company utilises VEGADIF 85 pressure transmitters to handle influent and effluent flow metering in numerous locations throughout its system. Its high-precision measured value detection makes this sensor capable of measuring very low differential pressures, meaning the water company obtains precise and reliable data.

VEGABAR 38 pressure sensors measure the level on tanks as well as chemical fill and feed systems – and the sensor’s configurable colour LED light ring allows system operators to clearly view the pressure status.

VEGABAR 82 pressure transmitters measure at inlets and outlets on vaults. This transmitter sports an
abrasion-resistant ceramic measuring cell, ensuring reliable operation in the toughest of process conditions, in turn saving the company on maintenance costs.

The company also added another VEGA instrument to its system: the VEGAWELL 52, which is optimised for measuring the level of the utility’s deep wells and the local river.

The VEGAWELL 52’s robust ceramic measuring cell offers maximum overload and vacuum resistance, making it a highly reliable addition to the water company’s process automation arsenal.

VEGA’s proven mix of precise, reliable instruments and commitment to customer support means that the water company operators are now empowered by process automation instead of struggling with usability or maintenance issues – freeing valuable personnel to focus on other responsibilities and taking the pressure out of pressure measurement.

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