The HYDRAPULSE Flusher Gate keeps problem sewers clean with its innovative gate device that pulses the flow of sewer to minimise the build-up of fats, oils and grease (FOG), and debris, reducing ongoing maintenance costs by removing the need for costly repetitive jetting and CCTV programs.

In early 2017, Aussie Trenchless launched HYDRAPULSE onto the Australian market, and whilst it passively delivers sewer cleanliness, it also offers additional environmental and customer benefits to asset owners.

HYDRAPULSE is installed in sewer maintenance holes where the network is subject to blockages due to FOG, sags in the line, and where debris and solids are deposited due to low flow conditions.

The unique design of the HYDRAPULSE provides an instantaneous snap opening and closing action which produces a wave pulse of wastewater to flush and cleanse the downstream sewer effectively. On the upstream side, constant changes in the effluent level and flow help to prevent FOG, silt and debris from building up onto the sewer walls.

Installing HYDRAPULSE will allow the sewer to become a passive self-cleaning asset, requiring no power. The design is resistant to jamming and blocking, is inherently fail safe during storm conditions, will remove surcharges caused by build-up and needs minimal maintenance. Asset owners will have less customer complaints and no jet cleaning damage to the pipe internals.

HYDRAPULSE is easy to install, can be monitored remotely and should be of interest to most water authorities, and city and regional councils that are responsible for the serviceability of wastewater underground assets.

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