Heyfield, VIC will soon receive a water network overhaul which will see more than 40 homes receiving water through brand new pipes.

The upgrade is taking place as part of Gippsland Water’s asset replacement program.

Almost 800 metres of pipe has already gone into Gordon Street, Park Avenue and Weir Road; with a further 635 metres to be laid in Williams and Drew streets and Traralgon-Maffra Road.

These new pipes form part of the overall Heyfield water pipe delivery network that transports drinking water from the Heyfield Water Treatment Plant to homes and businesses. The $3 million plant is located on Angle Channel Road and produces more than 250 million litres of water annually.

Gippsland Water has over 2,000 kilometres of water pipes within its service area and spends approximately $1 million annually replacing and upgrading them. Throughout Gippsland Water’s region several sections of pipeline are selected for replacement each year and are nominated for such reasons as age, deterioration and the number of bursts they have had.

Gippsland Water’s General Manager Customer Services and Communications, Mr Paul Clark said the organisation continually invests in its infrastructure to reduce the likelihood of failure – which can cause disruptions to customers.

“Pipe failures can cause water supply interruptions and has the potential to inconvenience our customers. Gippsland Water proactively replaces pipes when there is a history of repeat failure, or it has reached an age where there is a high likelihood of failure,” he said.

Gippsland Water maintains a $1 billion infrastructure network, which includes more than 2,000 kilometres of water pipes, 16 water treatment plants, over 1,500 kilometres of sewer pipes and 14 wastewater treatment plants.

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