Gippsland Water has announced that it will be undertaking refurbishment works on the historic Sale (VIC) water treatment plant.

The equipment and water treatment infrastructure will be upgraded while maintaining the Heritage listing of the 1934 built building.

Svetla Petkova of Gippsland Water said the time has come to replace some aging infrastructure and plan for the future.

“We are replacing and relocating some old aeration towers at the rear of the plant, while the front façade of the building is being proudly maintained,” she said.

The plant was originally designed and built to treat river water from the Thomson River, but because the river water quality deteriorated over the years, the town’s water source changed to bore water in 1970.

Now, some 40-odd years later, the time has come to rejuvenate the plant to enable the town to expand and accommodate more residents and businesses.

“Sale has grown in a sustainable manner, and the town’s water infrastructure needs to keep up with this expansion. This is the perfect time to be investing for the sustainable growth of the town,” added Ms Petkova.

Planning work on the $5 million project has begun, with the project expected to be complete by 2016.

The Sale Water Treatment Plant is one of 16 Water Treatment plants that Gippsland Water operates, along with 2,000 kilometres of water mains, over 1,500 kilometres of sewer mains and 14 wastewater treatment plants.

The entire network of infrastructure totals over $1 billion which Gippsland Water manages, maintains and operates for the community.


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