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Horizon Power has acquired a 50 per cent interest in West Australian Alternative Energy (WAAE) in a move  to support Western Australia’s transition to decarbonisation, and address supply chain issues and constrained local workforce that are impacting the delivery of renewable energy projects in the region.

This new relationship will support the Western Australian Government’s commitment to achieving an 80 per cent reduction in Government emissions by 2030.

Western Australia’s Energy Minister, Bill Johnston, congratulated Horizon Power and West Australian Alternative Energy on the joint venture. 

“The partnership will help tackle the supply chain issues and workforce constraints being felt across the country and support the acceleration of renewable energy solutions in the state,” Mr Johnston said.

“The new partnership is a positive step forward on our decarbonisation journey, supporting the State Government and Horizon Power’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

The investment will address the renewable energy sector’s wide-ranging supply chain issues, which are impacting the delivery of equipment and projects, as well as a constrained local workforce fuelled by unprecedented demand for renewable energy installations.

WAAE was started in Busselton in 2012 and has a strong reputation as a specialist provider of high quality, commercial-scale solar energy systems.

Located in Cockburn Central, the Clean Energy Council-accredited business employs more than 20 full-time, local employees, with staff numbers expected to double over the next few years.

The partnership is expected to further support Horizon Power in meeting its carbon reduction emissions target across its service area of 34 microgrids and 117 remote communities, with solar and low emissions projects.

In March 2022, WAAE successfully completed Horizon Power’s Kalumburu hybrid solar project – supporting the remote Kimberley community to transition to renewable energy. Over two decades WAAE has also delivered a range of other solar projects for commercial businesses across Perth and remote and regional Western Australia.

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