EnergyAustralia and energy distribution company Jemena will reward customers living in north-west Melbourne with bill credits if they reduce their energy usage to help reduce strain on the electricity grid.

Through the Energy Saving Rewards program, EnergyAustralia customers living in Coolaroo, Essendon, Footscray, Somerton, Yarraville and surrounding suburbs could receive up to $100 of bill credits over the 2019-2020 summer period if they use less energy during certain periods.

Jemena Managing Director, Frank Tudor, said the program builds on the success of Jemena’s Demand Response trial, Power Changers, that took place in the summer of 2017-2018.
“Our trial showed that households reduced their peak electricity consumption by an average range of 26 to 35 per cent on hot days. This can help relieve the extra pressure that is put on the electricity grid during times of high use while saving customers money,” Mr Tudor said.

“We’re excited to be partnering with EnergyAustralia to deliver a program that will make a real difference to our customers.”

EnergyAustralia’s Head of Customer Transformation, Jack Kotlyar, described the program as a ‘win-win’ for customers and the electricity grid.

“This program is an opportunity for customers to save on their power bills. Every kilowatt saved counts,” Mr Kotlyar said.

“This program is a win-win for customers and what’s more, by working together, customers can alleviate the strain on our grid when it’s needed most.”

Mr Kotlyar said the company saw high rates of participation and real impact from its Power Response trials, a similar initiative to the Energy Saving Rewards program run in selected areas of New South Wales and Victoria.

“We’ve held around ten energy saving events this year as part of our trials, and we’ve seen a huge turnout: on average about 80 per cent of customers enrolled in our Power Response program participate regularly,” Mr Kotlyar said.

“All up this year, the contribution of our Power Response community working together has shifted a total of 7,215 kWh, which is the equivalent to streaming Netflix continuously for seven years in high definition.

“We’re hopeful our customers living in Melbourne’s north-west will get behind the grid, and power down this summer and save on their power bills.”

How the Energy Saving Rewards program works:

  • Customers who sign up to the program will receive a heads up from EnergyAustralia via SMS to let them know when an ‘event’ is taking place. An ‘event’ is when customers shift their energy usage during a certain window (usually two to four hours)
  • The SMS also includes an energy reduction ‘target’ which is personalised based on a customer’s energy use for the previous days leading up to the event. Signing up to an event is easy – customers can automatically take part in the event or simply opt out by replying to the SMS
  • Customers will also have access to an interactive digital platform to view their smart meter data and energy savings tips to help them make changes to their energy use, like adjusting the temperature on their air conditioner
  • Following each event, customers who reduced their energy usage and achieved their target will receive a $5 participation credit and up to $25 credited to their EnergyAustralia electricity account

The program will run from December 2019 to March 2020.

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