by Andrew Foley, General Manager – ANZ, LocusView

At Locusview, we help energy utilities build a safer world and prepare for the challenges of building smarter energy infrastructures.

Our customers have been using our digital construction platform for paperless design and as-constructed drawings to bridge the gap between design and the system of record.

With the help of our technology, utilities can create highly accurate location data for assets, but they can do a lot more than that.

Locusview leverages barcode scanning technology, that when linked to a business’ approved materials list, is able to provide near real-time updates on the type of pipe and fittings being installed.

The system will raise alerts if the proposed fitting has not been approved for use, or if it is under a recall. Whilst the field worker may choose to continue to use the non-compliant fitting, this will be flagged as an alert for the relevant project supervisor or manager.

Adopting this process, provides transparency on decision making in the field and promotes improved compliance and asset integrity.

NortecView Barcode scanning technology

Figure 1: The Barcode scanning technology being used in the field.

Locusview’s customers have provided many examples of the benefits of the barcoding and material traceability. One customer has established the Locusview web-portal (Locusview Web) to query specific assets by lot code or the name of the crew member who installed the fitting.

The data also provides for materials tracking and hence improved financial reporting. More importantly though, the customer, since deployment, has used the traceability data several times to address material issues.

One example is the receipt of untapped gauge lines on 2-inch plastic main-valve assemblies. The gauge lines are 3/4-inch lines which extend from either side of the valve to grade and provide the ability to determine pressure on either side of the valve.

An untapped gauge line tee was first identified when it registered zero pressure after installation. Field crews then reported the issue to the Materials Engineering team for review.

By utilising the material traceability data, the utility was able to identify valve assemblies that could have the same manufacturing oversight, and to notify the manufacturer and the installers of the potential issue.

Locusview’s mobile application (Locusview Mobile) allows warnings and reminders to be actively pushed to field crews.

Installation instructions can be presented to the user as they are installing the asset to provide relevant real-time and context specific information.

This approach leverages technology to not only collect data, but to promote workmanship quality and compliance.

“Our response was more efficient because we knew the population and location of most of these valve assemblies. We are looking forward to expanding our material traceability program to capture this important information across more of our operations.”

– Locusview Customer feedback

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