Non-revenue water within utility networks is a huge source of wastage that adds to operating costs and creates complications. There is a solution with products available for utilities which will help reduce water loss and keep water in pipes.

Leakage is not necessarily caused by a hole in the pipe, metering inaccuracies or leaking joints, it may also be caused by valves that are not drop-tight or valves with worn out spindle gaskets.

Regardless of the cause of leaks, it results in water that has been produced but cannot be billed. Calculations suggest that more than US$14 billion is lost every year by water utilities around the world due to non-revenue water. This can be detrimental to water utilities’ financial situation and poses an extra burden on paying customers.

In order to find leaks in the supply network, it is important to be able to seal off sections to control the water flow. AVK provides a solution for utilities with valves, which are closed to seal off a section, that are 100 per cent drop-tight.

A customer from a utility plant which has been able to reduce its water loss from 19 per cent to eight per cent, increasing sales with 250,000m3 water per year said, “Having proper and functional valves is the backbone of any sectioned network.”

The importance of the right rubber

AVK GUMMI A/S develops and produces all rubber components used in AVK gate valves to ensure they are 100 per cent drop-tight. The high-quality rubber is also resistant to all types of chemicals used in water supply systems.

All rubber components used in AVK products are tested under national and international standards. The production processes undergo regular testing, and all primary rubber components are marked and identifiable, enabling full traceability.

AVK has developed an EPDM rubber compound that minimises the build-up of biofilm. This prevents the biofilm becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. Regular laboratory testing is undertaken on the rubber applied in AVK products to ensure that it is odour free, colour-free and taste-free, even after many years of use.

avk1Long-lasting coating

Corrosion protection is another key element which makes AVK products safe. A valve is buried underground for as long as the pipe and thus, corrosion protection is vital for the drinking water as well as for the surroundings. AVK valves are epoxy coated internally and externally according to the GSK guidelines for optimal corrosion protection.

Cost of ownership underlines the importance of investing in high-quality products as replacement or repair of valves is often more expensive than the product itself.

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