Water experts agree that intelligent, simple, and cost-effective technical solutions can help win the fight against water loss. But what are these solutions, and how can utilities implement them? 

Episode two of  the “Solving Water Loss for Life” webcast series presented by GF Piping Systems and moderated by Andrew Walker, aims to answer this question.  

The episode aired on 20 December 2021 and can be streamed for free.  

NeoFlow PRV is part of the solution to water loss. Image: GF Piping Solutions

In episode one of the new series, a panel of water experts from across the sector discussed the effects of  water losses on utilities worldwide. Collectively, the experts concluded that a two-part approach is needed to beat non-revenue water. 

Firstly, utilities must address commercial challenges that contribute to water loss by improving governance and management within their organisations, and secondly, manufacturers must offer effective technical solutions that address physical water losses.  

Episode two will focus on concrete technical solutions that utilities can implement in their water networks.  

In addition to introducing the cutting-edge pressure management technologies currently available, guests will present reference cases to demonstrate innovative applications of intelligent pressure management  and digitalised water networks that will help utilities improve on water loss.  

Guest speakers of episode two in the “Solving Water Loss for Life” webcast series, include: 

  • Jurica Kovac: International Water Association Fellow and Director at Aqua Libera Ltd 
  • Dragan Savic FREng: Chief Executive Officer, KWR Water Research Institute (Netherlands) 
  • Professor of Hydroinformatics, University of Exeter (UK) 
  • Chris Evans: Chief Operations Officer at Detection Services, Australia 
  • Vangelis Balokas: Technical Director Olympios S.A., Greece 
  • Victor Pinedo: Senior Business Development Manager Utility at GF Piping Systems 

Episode two of the “Solving water loss for life” webcast series by GF Piping Systems went live on 20 December 2021. 

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