Every challenge you face has a digital component. Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and machine learning are making an impact on your business. Thousands of interrelated assets make up your facility or network, with information about them accumulating and scattered across diverse and siloed systems in IT, operations, and engineering. To gain better insights into asset performance and make the best business decisions, you need to harness and leverage the data you are generating.

How far has your digital journey taken you?

Where are your assets and your organisation on the digital maturity curve?

Is your information presented in context and managed through the lifecycle of change? Is it accessible, trustworthy, comprehensive, and available in real time?

Do your information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), and engineering technology (ET) processes converge to deliver informed decision support?

Do you have the data you need to plan and proactively manage inspection and maintenance strategies?

Are your dashboards and reports easily configurable so you can view the KPIs you need most?

Are your enterprise technologies interoperable?

You can now amplify the value of your asset information to extend the operable life and improve whole life asset value with Bentley Systems interoperable technology that leverages on unique connected data environment to create, collect, manage, and control information that provides you with actionable decision support so you can plan intelligently, evaluate alternatives, and make informed decisions for optimal operational and asset performance and reliability.

If one of your priorities is to increase asset availability, improve operational performance reduce operational cost and regulatory compliance, please visit us at booth#18 at Digital Utilities 2018 to have a chat with our subject matter expert on how we have helped some global organisations in achieving these business outcomes. While visiting our booth, ask us on how to win one Google home speaker worth RRP$200.


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