Utility companies are some of the most advanced users of spatial data, requiring high-quality information delivered at a large scale. Aerometrex has built a strong reputation with its utility clients through its expertise and diversified product.

Multiple large-scale utility customers trust Aerometrex’s LIDAR solutions and aerial imagery, delivered via MetroMap, as their spatial data sources for planning and ongoing asset management.

Whether you need a regional corridor mapped for pipeline planning or high-quality imagery for utility site management, MetroMap will deliver the quality data you need.

LIDAR – quality at scale

MetroMap LIDAR data is a popular choice with utility customers because of the data quality captured at scale. Utility clients commission surveys for long-distance delivery infrastructure, spanning hundreds of kilometres through remote and regional areas.

Fixed-wing aeroplanes allow Aerometrex to cover substantial distances required by large utility clients. The LIDAR capture team frequently maps regional corridors up to 500km-long for pipelines and power delivery projects, and regularly covers areas over 100km2 per day in favourable capture conditions.

Such quality and scale within a short time frame is not achievable with alternative aerial captures from drones, satellites, or terrestrial vehicles.

Once captured, Aerometrex derives numerous products from the raw LIDAR point clouds according to end-user needs. Basic Digital Terrain Models (DTM) have removed vegetation and manufactured features to give the truest representation of the bare earth surface.

Digital Surface Models (DSM) are georeferenced regular grid datasets representing the first reflected surface detected by the sensor and will include surface features such as vegetation and man-made objects. Less common, derived products include mosaics, tree canopy cover, contours, and even stockpile volumes.

Snowy 2.0 and MetroMap

MetroMap is the chosen aerial imagery of one of Australia’s largest utility providers, Future Generation JV, who is part of the delivery consortium of Snowy 2.0.

Future Generation JV consumes MetroMap aerial imagery into its own WMS to combine it with its other datasets. MetroMap’s high-resolution imagery and spatial accuracy make it an ideal visual context for the Snowy Hydro team to add in further data layers showing existing infrastructure and plans for future development.

Survey Manager at Future Generation JV, David Ibbotson, explained the value that MetroMap brings to the project. “MetroMap has provided a cost effective solution to managing our aerial imagery.

Prior to using the product, communication was difficult and time-consuming as prints were distributed manually, over email,” Mr Ibbotson said.

“The ability to progressively combine our drone imagery, underground services surveys and aerial data in one place has been invaluable.

“The platform is stable and simple to use, detailed training to end users is not required as the viewer and mark-up tools are intuitive.

This has meant we are able to roll it out quickly to end users that have little or no knowledge of spatial data. That’s a big advantage to a remote project with several otherwise disconnected sites.

“The flexible and unlimited data usage has enabled us to share the data over API keys to many third parties users, all can leverage the data for an overall advantage.”

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