The mobility of your microtunnelling contractor is an important factor to consider when choosing a suitable team for your project.

A good microtunnelling contractor is one that can arrive at the jobsite ­ no matter the location ­ and bring with them a sufficient number of personnel and the correct equipment to carry out works.

According to Edge Underground Managing Director Stuart Harrison, efficiency is key during microtunnelling installations.

“Project managers are keen to have trenchless crossings completed on schedule, as this allows them to focus on construction of the rest of the pipeline.

“If a contractor is used to working at different locations, they are more likely to have good systems in place to ensure that they arrive on time, are fully prepared with the right number of staff, as well as the correct equipment including spare parts and back­ups.

“At Edge Underground, we have between four and six mobile crews depending on demand. Over time, we have developed a system for transporting equipment and organising personnel that is efficient and seamless.

“As we have multiple crews, this also gives us the option to split up teams to bring in more personnel if required in times of increased workload,” said Mr Harrison.

How mobility reflects expertise

Contractors that travel across Australia to work on multiple jobsites are more likely to have increased expertise and experience.

According to Mr Harrison, a microtunnelling contractor with multiple teams working across the country will most likely have personnel that are experienced in handling a range of different ground conditions.

“Understanding prevailing ground conditions is paramount to achieving successful outcomes in microtunnelling.

“The more the contractor is experienced in tunnelling through a wide range of ground conditions, the less likely it is that unexpected complications will occur.

“Familiarity with equipment and how to best adapt cutter faces for different ground conditions is something that can only be gained from working on projects in a variety of locations.”

This partner content is brought to you by Edge Underground. For more information, visit edgeunderground.coTo plan your next microtunnelling installation, please contact Stuart Harrison at Edge Underground on 1300 JACKED.

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