Modern utilities require powerful, productive, reliable and easily transportable equipment that also guarantees the safety of the operator. In situations where water is involved, hydraulic tools improve operator safety as they are free from electric shock hazards.

Operators often work in trenches filled with water and mud. This is a dangerous situation, and it’s prohibited by law to use electric single-phase tools in such situations as, in the event of contact with water, it can be fatal.

Unlike, electric single-phase tools, hydraulic tools work safely and effectively when immersed in water.

Hydraulic tools can also be powered by any vehicle with a sufficient hydraulic circuit, such as a mini-excavator or truck.

The DOA multi-power groups offer a combination of simplicity, economy and functionality, and are ideal for utility maintenance crews.

The power-to-weight ratio of hydraulic tools is unbeatable, with a comparative test clearly demonstrating this advantage, resulting in increased productivity and reduced operator fatigue.

Longevity is another advantage. No other pumps can withstand impacts and damage like a hydraulic pump as they are hard-wearing and made for heavy-duty use.

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Hydraulic tools only have a small number of components and are always lubricated by oil, offering a working life at least 20 times longer than that of other tool types.

HP Agency is the sole Australian distributor of the innovative, Italian made, DOA Hydraulic Tools.

This is the largest range of hydraulic tools and solutions designed for the maintenance of underground pipes and general urban works.

The range includes: power packs, multi-power groups, breakers, disc saws, grinders, percussion rods, asphalt saws, core drills, ventilators, trash water pumps, slurry gate valves, water pumps, pipe drills, pipe compressing equipment, reciprocating saws, valves, measuring instruments and more.

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