ACTEW Water will now be known as ‘Icon Water,’ as part of Canberra’s new water and sewerage utility brand phase-in.

The Icon Water brand will soon be visible on all vehicles, clothing and identification, buildings and signage around the ACT.

David Hohnke, Manager of Communications at Icon Water, said that the community will start to see the new brand phase-in which will take a few months to be fully completed.

“Icon Water crews can regularly be seen across the ACT during the course of their daily business – managing the network and responding to any problems as they occur such as chokes and bursts,” he said.

“Staff will also be clearly identified as Icon Water personnel when they are required to enter premises and engage with the community as part of their job.”

Changes to be expected:

  • Bills and other communication from will be rebranded with ‘Icon Water’. All billing and direct debit details will remain unchanged.
  • New Icon Water branded vehicles around Canberra;
  • Icon Water website will change to along with new Icon Water logo
  • All email addresses will change to

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