Water Corporation has begun construction on a new $7million water tank to improve water quality in WA’s central Wheatbelt shires.

Once completed, the new tank will be able to hold up to five million litres of water or the equivalent of more than two Olympic-sized swimming pools of water.

The tank will be located in Barbalin, about 80km north of Merredin, and water will be distributed to customers in the shires of Mukinbudin, Nungarin and Mt Marshall and surrounding farmlands.

Water Corporation will also install pressure control valves on the Merredin to Barbalin pipeline.

WA Water Minister, Mia Davies, said, “The new tank and pressure control valves will improve water supply and provide consistent water pressure,

“About 1,200 Water Corporation customers in the shires of Mukinbudin, Nungarin and Mt Marshall will benefit from the work, which forms part of the Goldfields and Agricultural Water Supply Scheme.”

Ms Davies said the new tank would be adjacent to the existing Barbalin Reservoir, which would be decommissioned once the new tank was completed.

Work on the new Barbalin Tank and installation of the pressure valves is expected to be completed by November 2016.

In addition to the new water tank, the Water Corporation has announcement a program focused specifically on improving water supplies in the Wheatbelt.

“The Water Corporation manages more than 9,500 kilometres of water mains as part of the Goldfields and Agricultural Water Supply Scheme. This scheme services more than 37,000 households, farms, mines and other enterprises,” Ms Davies said.

“The farmlands water supply project will invest $32million over the next three years to significantly improve the water and farmlands supply schemes in the Wheatbelt area.

“These projects will help reduce leaks and breaks and will be undertaken in addition to the planned major work for the area.”

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