According to government road safety authorities, a high number of motorcycle accidents could have been potentially avoided.

Motorcyclists are vulnerable to traffic, cars, unsafe or unpredictable road conditions and other elements, which may cause a rider to fall, causing serious injury or even death.

Some common hazards for motorcyclists are created by a sudden change in road surface caused by:

  • Oil, grease, diesel, etc
  • Gravel or other loose material
  • Potholes
  • Repaired patches
  • Rubberized tar crack sealant
  • Water seepage or ponding
  • Steel plates used in road maintenance

Perhaps the most common complaint by riders is in relation to steel plates used as temporary covers over road trenches.

Particularly in wet and rainy conditions, the steel plates can become extremely slippery, potentially causing the rider to lose control when braking or if the steel plate had not been noticed prior to approach.

In addition, wet and slippery steel plates may also cause a trip hazard for other pedestrians crossing the road.

Some road authorities now have specifications for skid resistant friction coating to be used on these plates.

The problems with these plates is not just the slippery nature of the steel, it is also how they are installed.

If not installed correctly, any protruding bolts or raised edges may also cause a traffic or pedestrian trip hazard. In addition, the need to apply tar around the edges to smooth out the road joints is also required.

The heavy duty plastic road plate from WBT Safety has an anti-slip surface, which provides a safe and secure surface for pedestrian and motorcycle riders.

As well as being easier, safer and more cost effective to install for road traffic authorities, the heavy duty road plate also provides many safety benefits for road users.

In addition, the innovative flexible edge dampens any unwanted sounds, making the product ideal for use in residential areas.

Therefore, the WB safety heavy duty road plates are another solution for improving road safety.

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