With the ever-increasing need to improve the efficiency and delivery of water services for customers, Programmed is driving smart solutions to assist water suppliers in achieving these goals. Programmed has steered this innovation in the water industry for over 25 years, through its client City West Water, where Programmed implemented the use of real-time data to deliver a more effective service.

Programmed, City West Water’s mechanical and electrical, and civil maintenance contractor – together with City West Water’s operations and maintenance teams – is using real-time data to dynamically schedule and divert crews and responders to optimise resource utilisation.

The use of real-time data has been in practice at City West Water for several years through its partnership with Programmed. Together with data analytics, Programmed has implemented a ‘First-Time Fix Rate’ initiative to correct faults on the first call out. This is possible by reading the data provided and assigning operators accordingly, allowing for minimal disruption and shorter response times to customers during maintenance activities.

But it is not only data that has brought about innovation. Programmed’s mechanical and electrical teams also have a fleet of ute-mounted cranes, which has helped in reducing manual handling. The cranes also reduce the need for traffic management, as they are positioned without blocking roadways or footpaths, leading to minimal disruption for customers.

These significant innovations around operations and maintenance, and Programmed’s continued pursuit of zero harm, has led to over 1,000 days with no Lost Time Injury (LTI). Programmed and City West Water are very proud of this milestone, and the holistic way Programmed proactively manages safety risks.

In response to the COVID-19 situation, Programmed has implemented a customer support crew to assist rectification teams while out on the job. The support crew operates the main isolation valves, allowing repair teams to complete work at a faster rate and minimising the water outage timeframe.

Safe interactions with customers focused on answering questions and providing a temporary water supply highlights Programmed’s emphasis on supporting the community in this changing environment.

City West Water’s General Manager of Infrastructure and Delivery, Amanda Smith, said Programmed provided crucial responsive and preventative maintenance services across the City West Water network.

“We consider the vital work they undertake as an extension of City West Water in servicing our customers and community every day,” Ms Smith said.

“We have recently committed to extending the partnership with Programmed and look forward to exploring opportunities for us to continue to grow, succeed and improve the way we work together for our customers.

“On top of this, since starting our long partnership, we have worked hard to continuously improve results in operational performance and safety, and have seen Programmed proactively work with us to incorporate our customer-first focus into their programs of work.”

Programmed has an extensive footprint in the water sector, providing operations and maintenance services to water companies across Australia for the past 25 years.

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