There’s little point developing new and innovative products for an industry if the industry itself hasn’t been consulted on their needs and requirements.

This is the approach Odour Technologies adopted when they set out to develop a new air release valve for use in the wastewater sector. The company looked at the problems experienced by wastewater operators and water engineers with air release valves, and over a period of five years, they designed and tested a double chamber valve that overcomes previously experienced faults found in single chamber valves.

The result is the VS-4 Smartvalve, which is now the valve of choice for more than 30 councils along Australia’s east coast. Some of the larger councils now have large numbers of VS-4s in operation, with reports of 100 per cent success rates for reliability and cost savings.

A versatile option

The VS-4 has solved a leaking issue on a large volume main with relatively low head pressures, where prolonged surging was causing the existing single chamber valves to leak heavy metal contaminated water onto grazing cattle pasture.

In another case, the VS-4 has been modified to trap and hold the solids in coal seam gas mains where any contaminated water leakage is of serious concern to both property owners and government. The previously used single chamber valves were failing in this regard.

Export opportunities

With the VS-4 well proven in Australia, NZ and the US, the next major step is seeking additional overseas markets. With many countries now covered by the patenting process, Odour Technologies is now actively looking to export the VS-4 through interested parties.

Odour Technologies is utilising the potential of larger, well established companies such as Ferguson Waterworks in the US to further promote the VS-4.

The web site has a video explaining the major benefits of the VS-4 Smartvalve. This video can be supplied with a voice-over in any language for any interested parties.

Odour Technologies welcomes approaches from Australian wastewater authorities and consulting engineers, and can provide case studies, comprehensive technical details and no-obligation trials.

For more information please contact Peter Beetham on 07 3287 7020 or

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