In an industrial plant setting, Ethernet networks are used to connect and communicate with industrial devices and monitor and control production processes, which is why ensuring networks are secure is vital. 

Failures or downtime can result in significant losses, making Ethernet one of the most important components of plant operations. 

Moreover, given the growing importance of industrial Ethernet in plant operations, this emphasises the need for secure communication networks. As the industrial Ethernet is an open network, it is at risk from hackers who could gain unauthorised access to the network and cause damage or data breaches. Therefore, securing your industrial Ethernet is essential to keep your network and devices safe from security threats. 

Hirschmann’s range of industrial communication products provides an excellent solution to these problems. Hirschmann’s Ethernet switches are customised and designed, keeping in mind the tough and rigid environments and operating conditions of industrial settings. 

Hirschmann switches offer industry-leading flexibility, allowing them to connect to older machines or those that do not support Ethernet. The range also includes industrial firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems that protect against unauthorised access to protect the network from cyber attacks. 

To protect your industrial Ethernet, it is essential to implement network security strategies such as firewalls, identity and access management (IAM), and intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS). IPD offers Hirschmann’s industrial firewall portfolio which provides highly secure and cost-effective solutions for various industries. 

Implementing an industrial firewall is the first line of defence to prevent unauthorised access to your network. Hirschmann’s security devices come with advanced security features such as deep packet inspection that identifies malicious packets to prevent and mitigate all sorts of cyber-attacks without compromising network speed and performance. 

In conclusion, industrial Ethernet and security are essential components of control plant rooms, and it is crucial to ensure the industrial Ethernet network is secure and robust. Hirschmann’s portfolio of industrial communication products and IPD’s services provides a comprehensive solution for all your networking, security, and communication needs. 

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