The Australian Pipeline Industry Association (APIA) has voiced support for the New South Wales Energy Minister’s call for increased information about available gas supply.

“We agree with Minister Anthony Roberts that increased access to coal seam gas in NSW should help reduce the impact on the domestic gas price caused by the increased demand for gas by the export industry,” Australian Pipeline Industry Association Chief Executive Cheryl Cartwright said.

“But it would be helpful to have information about gas availability that would demonstrate any increase in NSW supply would genuinely address any east coast gas shortfall.

“The eastern gas market transmission pipelines are linked; it is quite possible that gas from the NSW CSG fields could be transported to Queensland to fill contracts for LNG exports,” Ms Cartwright said.

Australia’s international importance as an LNG exporter is growing rapidly, as highlighted during the recent International Gas Union meetings held in Sydney. It’s expected that, within the next few years, Australia could overtake Qatar to become the world’s largest LNG exporter.

“The increased export of natural gas is an excellent outcome for the national economy,” Ms Cartwright said.

“It is critical that there is sufficient gas supply to meet the demand of both markets – domestic and export.

“Access to coal seam gas in NSW is one of the answers to the challenge of meeting increased gas demand. Another is access to shale gas and also the development and production of the natural gas already available in current gas fields.

“APIA agrees with Minister Roberts. If we had better information about the availability of natural gas, manufacturers and power generators could better plan for the future.”

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