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If left unattended, inflow and infiltration (I/I) can cause significant damage to essential infrastructure, skyrocketing operational and maintenance costs. Here are five simple and cost-effective tools to reduce I/I and ease the burden of water, soil and root ingress into sewer and stormwater assets.

With an increased understanding of the damage and cost of I/I on sewerage infrastructure, more water authorities are looking for cost-effective methods of reducing the impact, not just through pipe relining but via the rehabilitation of manholes and pump stations, which are significant contributors to I/I.

Not only does I/I result in a direct increase in operational costs due to unnecessary pump operations and treatment, the water moving through failed joints and cracks can result in washing away of embedment material causing further movement, cracking, collapse and additional breaking of structures including pipes, manholes and pump stations. Further costs include cleanup, possible environmental breaches and negative publicity because of overflows and pollution events.

ISC Services has put together free informative downloads to help water authorities better understand the sources and causes of I/I to help with urgent repairs and ongoing management.

Click here to find the below free guides:

    • Inflow and Infiltration – A Practical Guide 
    • Introduction to Leak Testing of Sewers 
    • Environmental and Financial Benefits of Inflow and Infiltration Control

Based on the 2016 median sewerage operating cost of $2.08/kL, a 3mm crack allowing 19L per minute of I/I at a cost of $2.08/kL equates to a cost of $20,771 / year when not addressed. These five simple solutions allow I/I to be prevented or reduced while providing a quick return on your investment.


Gator Wrap

Prevention is the best approach and for new precast concrete manholes, pump stations and pits Gator Wrap external joint wrap is a simple and cost-effective inclusion for new assets that stops early development of joint leaks. The investment in Gator Wrap to positively seal 100 standard diameter manholes with two joints each (i.e. 200 joints in total) would be well and truly returned in less than 12 months if just one of those 200 joints were to have failed without Gator Wrap. With a design life of at least 50 years, Gator Wrap represents a great return on investment over the life of the asset.

For the many assets already installed and operational, prevention is no longer an option and so it is necessary to select the appropriate solution based on the type and severity of the I/I issue. ISC Services offers a comprehensive tool kit of repair solutions to address a range of I/I sources and complexity including, Aqua Seal, Pro-Ring™, Cretex internal Joint Seal, and Flex Seal 2.0.


Aqua Seal 

A fast reacting expanding polyurethane grout designed to quickly stop active infiltration of up to 200lpm within seconds. Injected to stop the leak, Aqua Seal also expands to fill unseen voids on the outside of the manhole or pump station, helping to stabilise the area. 



With a 100 year design life, Pro-Ring™ manhole grade adjustment rings provide a fast, safe and cost effective permanent system to raise low and buried manhole covers while providing a high strength, watertight seal of the MH chimney. The Pro-Ring™ range allows the manhole cover to be raised as little as 19mm or as much as 150mm with a single Pro-Ring™. The innovative tongue and groove system allows stacking of Pro-Ring™ so covers can be raised as much as 450mm or more while still maintaining watertight seal.


Cretex internal Joint Seal 

Cretex internal Joint Seals are an internally applied mechanical system for sealing leaking joints in manhole shafts with up to a 1220mm diameter. With minimal surface preparation, Cretex Seals can be installed even when water is still flowing through failed joints providing a permanent repair.  


Flex Seal 2.0 

Flex Seal 2.0 is a highly flexible brush-applied urethane, which conforms to irregular surfaces and shapes. With 800 per cent elongation, Flex Seal maintains a watertight seal even if there is movement of the crack or joint.


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