Australian mobile satellite provider, Pivotel Satellite, has launched the Inmarsat voice service for its customers.

The addition of Inmarsat means Pivotel customers can now use global L-band voice connectivity throughout Australia.

Pivotel is known for providing standard “04” Australian mobile numbers across its range of satellite voice services and until now, Inmarsat satellite voice customers in Australia have been unable to take advantage of this facility.

With a Pivotel Inmarsat service, customers can use domestic dialing and pay only the rate of calling an Australian mobile phone, which in many mobile bundles is free.

A 04 mobile number also allows companies with satellite phone fleets to use multiple satellite technologies and call between them at standard mobile call rates.

“Inmarsat services are a great addition to Pivotel’s Licensed Australian Carrier Network,” said Pivotel Group CEO, Peter Bolger.

“With over 30 years’ experience, Inmarsat, like Pivotel, is renowned for its high quality network so a partnership to deliver Inmarsat voice services over the Pivotel network is a great outcome for both companies and for Inmarsat’s existing and prospective customers in Australia and New Zealand.

”We expect the increased value and simplicity from using the Pivotel Inmarsat service will result in large increases in the number of Inmarsat users in our part of the world.”

President, Greg Ewert said it is partnerships like these that drive Inmarsat’s present and future business successes.

“Our mission of powering global connectivity can only be realised through the efforts of our innovative partners. I’m pleased to work with Pivotel to bring Inmarsat’s reliable voice connectivity to its customers.”

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