Choosing the right technical solutions is essential in fighting water loss. Advances, such as modern polyethylene piping systems, intelligent digital components, and cutting-edge pressure management, have already impacted many utility companies worldwide. 

However, developing these solutions is a laborious process that requires high testing standards. In addition, the installation must be carried out by trained professionals to maximize longevity, efficiency, and security. 

To address this important topic, the fourth episode in the “Solving Water Loss for Life” webcast series, hosted by GF Piping Systems, will focus on its Swiss product testing lab and training facility.

In episode three, moderator Andrew Walker received some insight into the process, as the Senior Material Engineer at GF Piping Systems, Michaela Eichenberger, introduced him to the materials testing laboratory at the company’s headquarters in Schaffhausen. 

The materials expert began by discussing some of the complex microscopy equipment necessary for developing polyethylene components, which has also enabled the laboratory to become ISO/ICE 17025 certified. Additionally, Eichenberger demonstrated the risks of incorrect welds, an important field of research for GF Piping Systems.

Building on this introduction, episode four of the “Solving Water Loss for Life” webcast series will shift from materials testing to product testing by focusing on the NeoFlow Pressure Regulating Valve. Experts will present different simulation options and the significant component features and its development in partnership with Oxford Flow. 

The episode will also offer insights into a weld quality report conducted with non-destructive testing for thermoplastics. 

Andrew Walker will also speak to the experts of the GF Piping Systems training facility, who will explain innovative training approaches, including virtual reality (VR) solutions.

Guest speakers of episode four in the “Solving Water Loss for Life” webcast series include:

  • Mona Vogt, Product Manager Utility Systems, GF Piping Systems
  • Dr. Matt Collins (Ph.D.), Director of Product Development, Oxford Flow
  • Niko Verhaegen, Global VR and Business Development Manager at Georg Fischer NV-SA
  • Sanjay Patel, Global Business Development Manager Specialized Solutions, GF Piping Systems
  • Florian Albrecht, Global Product Manager Utility, GF Piping Systems

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