Centraliser technology plays a vital role in ensuring successful trenchless installations. However, traditional casing spacers have often held water and wastewater projects back from achieving optimal efficiency and reliability.

Riteline Centralisers, and its parent company OptionX Group, set out to change that by creating centralisers that provide unparalleled support to the carrier pipe.

OptionX Group CEO and Founder of Edge Underground, Stuart Harrison, said it has been a project of collaboration with the industry.

“Riteline Centralisers have been developed using real-world field data and feedback. The end result is a product that addresses long standing challenges within the industry and meets the unique demands of horizontal drilling projects.”

Endorsed by industry
In late 2023, Riteline was successfully appraised by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), marking a significant moment for the sector.

“Contractors and operators can confidently use Riteline Centralisers on their projects, knowing they have been through the necessary tests and third-party analysis,” Mr Harrison said.

“The WSAA appraisal serves as a benchmark for quality within the industry. It signifies that Riteline Centralisers have met the highest strength, reliability, and quality assurance standards.”

Riteline Centralisers offer exceptional versatility, accommodating pipes ranging from 100mm in diameter, with no upper limit. The ability to make incremental adjustments on site eliminates the need to purchase specific sizes, saving time and reducing stock wastage.

“As each centraliser is individually attached to the pipe, the risk of catastrophic failure is reduced,” Mr Harrison said.

“Traditional centralisers that surround the pipe can fail when they snag on an obstacle in the bore, which can cause an entire ring of centralisers to move, compromising the installation.”

Compression trenchless solutions
Riteline Centralisers can be used for all pipe materials, including steel, ductile iron, GRP, FRP, concrete, PVC and PE for pressure and non-pressure pipelines. The Flex Series is exclusively designed for grouted applications, whereas the Rigid Series suits both grouted and ungrouted installations and incorporates supports that provide a high load-bearing capacity.

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