Established in 1992, Austeck provides sales advice and support to utilities looking to expand their capabilities in underground asset management. The company offers a range of equipment, from CCTV systems and software to pipe locating and leak detecting equipment.

Austeck partnered with Kummert, a German manufacturer of mobile inspection systems, earlier this year, and the move has been well received across the industry.

“We received our first shipment of the Kummert Crawler systems this February, and since then, we’ve sold over thirteen more systems. 

“We’ve been blown away by the response to Kummert, and when you understand the technology involved, it’s easy to see why.”

Tristan believes that the appeal in the Kummert range lies in the company’s fresh approach to developing pipeline inspection equipment.

“A lot of the technology when it comes to pipeline inspection has been around for many years, in some cases up to fifty years,” said Tristan. “As technology has evolved, these manufacturers improve their equipment in a ‘bolt-on’ style approach, which allows it to be backwardly compatible – but it can make the equipment rather cumbersome to work with.

“Kummert are relatively new to the world of pipeline inspection, and they’ve entered the game with a fresh approach. Their new pipeline inspection gear is only around three to four years old, and it can do everything its major competitors can – and more – while being a much neater and more compact machine to operate.”

The response of the Australian market to the Kummert range of pipeline inspection equipment is perhaps best measured by the two awards it recently picked up – at the Water Industry Operator Awards in Logan, Queensland, in June, the Kummert pipeline inspection equipment was recognised as being the Best New Technology in the market; and the technology took out the same award at the Water NZ conference in September.

The relationship with Kummert is indicative of the companies Austeck makes a point of partnering with around the world. Other technologies Austeck has the exclusive rights to include pioneering robotics manufacturer IST, also from Germany, and US-based Infosense Inc. 

Peace of mind

The other main benefit Austeck is able to offer its customers is its equipment servicing arm, which operates out of the company’s recently overhauled head office facility in Alexandria, Sydney.

Tristan says that at this facility, the company’s skilled technicians service all of the equipment sold by the company – regardless of whether or not that particular product is still sold by Austeck.

“Austeck has been around for a very long time, and one of the reasons our customers continue to return to us is because they know that we will to continue to look after them and their equipment, long after the initial purchase transaction is made.

“This promise also applies to products that we no longer stock – we will always provide support for any piece of equipment sold, regardless of whether or not we still stock that product.

“This promise is part of the reason our customers know they can purchase their equipment confidently through Austeck.”

Founded in 1992, Austeck has established itself as the market leader in robotic opto-electronics. Austeck is the largest supplier and the leading service and support company for pipeline inspection equipment in Australia.

Boasting a nationwide customer network of over 600 contractors, councils and water authorities, Austeck can provide what few others can: the facilities and the manpower to service their clients adequately. They have the experience and expertise in place to ensure the successful implementation of the equipment into their client’s business operations; and the backup service Austeck offers gives clients the quality, security, and peace of mind they need.

For more information, contact the team at Austeck on (02) 8305 3300 or visit

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