Gippsland Water will be inspecting the water storage tank in the town of Maffra (VIC) on McAdam Street to determine the best method to upgrade their liner.

Works will seek to ensure the continued supply of quality drinking water to the Maffra township.

The water storage tank has been in service since 1997, supplying water to 3,000 customers in Maffra, Boisdale and Stratford.

Regular maintenance checks are carried out to ensure the water storage complies with modern standards for storage tanks. The storage tank will be taken offline for approximately two weeks so that work crews can safely access and inspect the interior of the tank ahead of a possible upgrade of the facility in coming months.

Customers in the area should not notice any change to water supply but are being asked to remain vigilant around water use and to report any leaks to Gippsland Water.

“We have run modelling to ensure water supply to customers is maintained during the period the water storage tank will be out of action. Customers shouldn’t notice any change to their water supply” said General Manager for Asset Management Planning and Delivery at Gippsland Water, Ms Svetla Petkova.

“However water main leaks and bursts can see lots of water that has been treated lost from the system. With reduced storage capacity during this inspection it is important to report a leak or burst as quickly as possible,” added Ms Petkova.

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