Link-Seal Mechanical Pipe Seal, the non-corrosive system providing long-term leak protection and structural integrity, was successfully installed in the Ravensworth North Underground Mine in the NSW Hunter Valley. In this case study, the challenge was to core, install and seal six pipes that would be submerged in a clarified water tank within five days.

The application of the Link-Seals was simple and very efficient. The results were immediate and unmistakable. After tightening the last bolt, the seal was instant, and there was no need for adhesives or grouts, therefore allowing the water tank to be refilled immediately. All the delays that were encountered with previous shutdowns were now a thing of the past.

Link-Seal Mechanical Pipe Seal was the ideal solution for this project because:

• The installation was carried out by only one contractor with a simple hand wrench
• Time and money were saved
• 100 per cent instant watertight seal (no downtime on curing)
• No adhesives, chemical fixtures or epoxy coatings were required – only the Link-Seal

Link-Seal installation at the Ravensworth North Underground Mine:

1. Assemble and wrap Link-Seal around the pipe
2. Slide Link-Seal into penetration
3. Tighten fasteners with hand wrench
4. Penetration permanently sealed

Link-Seals are supplied as a belt with a series of interconnecting rubber links and bolts. It can seal against chemicals, oils, gas and water, and the T-Model has a certified two hours fire-rating.

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