The information unlocked with Intelligent Motor Control can be a significant step towards maximising today’s technologies. The Connected Enterprise brings top floor and plant floor together to optimise productivity and competitiveness.

NHP offers increased workforce efficiency and lower total costs of ownership, enabling you to transform data into actionable and real-time information.

Employing standardised and secure networks through smart manufacturing, NHP provides a wide range of devices ensuring connectivity, efficiency and equipment safety.

Optimise performance

Intelligent Motor Control provides key diagnostic information that enables you to optimise performance with real-time access to operation and performance trends. This technology diagnoses problems early and identifies where they are, reducing production losses significantly.

Unplanned downtime is reduced to a minimum and proactive maintenance can be scheduled to avoid further issues.

Access to production and machine data helps you to make informed decisions that improve production and mitigate downtime, increase productivity and boost profitability, offering substantial benefits over conventional approaches.

With Intelligent Motor Control Devices, energy consumption can be monitored on each motor individually at any point in time. This not only helps control energy costs but can also show changes in trends that allow action to be taken accordingly.

From simple fixed and variable speed control to precise torque and position control, NHP offers a complete portfolio of Intelligent Motor Control solutions that help customers to achieve the right levels of control.

Work smarter and increase asset utilisation with NHP, operating and maintaining motor performance through intelligent equipment and networks.

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