Pipeline infrastructure company, Interflow, announced the signing of an exclusivity partnership with Raedlinger Primus Line, for the use of its patented pressure pipeline renewal technology. 

Interflow is home to several patented products and technologies aimed at renewing pipeline infrastructure within the four waters – water, wastewater, stormwater, and culverts – and is renowned for its forward-thinking approach to innovation. 

The addition of Primus Line®, a world-class solution for relining pressure water and wastewater pipelines, to its growing portfolio of exclusive services, cements Interflow’s position as a one-stop-shop for its customers’ pipeline infrastructure needs. 

The Primus Line® system consists of a flexible Kevlar-reinforced liner and specially developed end fittings.

World-class technology

Interflow’s Managing Director Elect, Daniel Weaver, is confident that this partnership will greatly benefit both organisations’ customers and communities. 

“Interflow and Raedlinger Primus Line are both family-owned companies that share similar core values,” Mr Weaver said. 

“These synergies, combined with our drive to solve customers’ problems by using innovative and cutting-edge technologies, will enable us to continue to deliver reliable outcomes for our customers and the communities we serve.”

Peter Lischewski, Managing Director of Raedlinger Primus Line, elaborates on the significance of this partnership. 

“This is a fantastic opportunity for both companies to demonstrate their commitment to innovation and producing high-quality outcomes,” Mr Lischewski said. 

“By signing this exclusivity with Interflow, we are ensuring that our product will be expertly installed with extreme care, consistency and attention to detail, each and every time.” 

“We have a strong relationship with Interflow and look forward to working together to provide our customers with world-class solutions.” 

Interflow and Primus Line have been working together for a number of years and have delivered headline projects such as the 3-in-1 Triple Primus Line.

Moreover, Interflow will open a Primus Line warehouse to store limited stocks of common materials for immediate supply, which will be particularly useful for smaller emergency projects, and means customers can now conveniently access the local warehouse in Australia.

If you have a water main renewal project in the pipeline, contact Interflow and discuss how Primus Line can be used for your next project.

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