In the spring of 2016, VEGA launched the first radar level transmitter for liquids – VEGAPULS 64 – that operates with the very high frequency of 80GHz. The biggest advantage of this new instrument is the precise focusing of the radar beam. Much higher measurement reliability can now be achieved, even under difficult conditions like those found in tanks with heating coils or agitators.

In many areas of industry, radar level transmitters have largely replaced older measuring methods such as electromechanical devices or ultrasonics. Step by step, their range of application has been extended, with the result that users have increasingly come to rely on this technology.

Today, well over half a million radar sensors from VEGA have been installed worldwide. After VEGAPULS 69, the 80GHz radar sensor for bulk solids, was successfully introduced in 2014, it really wasn’t surprising that the question quickly came up: “When will a high-frequency radar level transmitter for liquids come on the market?”

Whether it’s agitators or other tank internals, buildup or deep shafts – there are still many challenges in measuring the levels of liquids. In applications with especially strong signal damping or interfering reflections, measurement until now was only possible by employing highly complex technical solutions or by simply accepting various performance limitations.

Chemical industry

Thanks to the tightly focused radar beam, measurement with VEGAPULS 64 in tanks with heating coils, agitators or other installations is considerably easier. The sensor also has a larger dynamic range, which ensures higher measurement certainty when build up, condensation, foam or a turbulent surface become a disturbing factor.

Oil and Gas

The strong signal focusing of the sensor opens up completely new areas of application, e.g. in liquefied petroleum gas storage. VEGAPULS 64 delivers reliable measuring results even when mounted on long mounting sockets, because due to the precise focusing, the radar beam does not touch the socket at all and no interfering signals are generated.

Pharmaceuticals and food

The smallest antenna of VEGAPULS 64 is no larger than a one dollar coin. This makes it ideal for use in vessels with small process fittings.

Due to its design and hygienic materials, the sensor is ideally suited for use in the pharmaceutical and food sector.


Thanks to its encapsulated antenna system, VEGAPULS 64 operates reliably and maintenance-free even in rough seas, and is never bothered by turbulent surfaces, build up or condensation.

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