A Queensland water company has teamed up with a global leader in integrated event management solutions to provide Queensland water utilities with new cloud based network monitoring solutions.

Unitywater is partnering with TaKaDu to offer TaKaDu’s IoT cloud-based solution to small water utilities across Queensland.

Unitywater and TaKaDu have been working together since June 2013 when Unitywater started a long-term engagement with TaKaDu to improve overall network visibility and efficiency, reducing costs and losses.  

The new offering combines Unitywater’s TaKaDu knowledge and experience with a proven solution that has been adopted by leading water utilities in Australia and across the globe.

This offer will provide network monitoring, leak detection and network prediction services to small water utilities (those with less than 2,000km of pipeline).

These smaller utilities will be able to leverage the benefits of Unitywater’s size and familiarity with TaKaDu by adding their service area to Unitywater’s TaKaDu system.

The offer promotes collaboration across Queensland water utilities, a key objective of the Queensland Water Directorate.

TaKaDu enables water utilities to manage the full life-cycle of network events, such as leaks, bursts, water pressure and faulty assets.

TaKaDu helps utilities detect problems early, reduce water loss, shorten repair cycles and improve customer service.

The offer of the TaKaDu system and Unitywater data enables water utilities to realise the benefits sooner, with a cheaper entry point and ability to establish a fully operational system in a quicker timeframe than normal.

Unitywater CEO George Theo said TaKaDu has improved the way Unitywater managed its water network.

“Since deploying TaKaDu in our network, we have achieved $16million in savings from hidden (underground) leaks and prevented 6.5billion litres of water loss based on an annualised calculation,” Mr Theo said.

“There has also been a 60 per cent improvement in reactive response times to leak, break and pressure faults in the reticulation network.

“The software has learned how our system operates and has helped us avoid major water outages, identify the cause of dirty water complaints, identify pump faults that cause bursts before they happen and track the status of events from start to finish.

“It is exciting to think that other water utilities can now experience similar benefits as part of this new offer which, previously, would have been out of reach.”

“We’re proud of our collaboration with Unitywater, an early adopter of TaKaDu and a recognised industry leader in innovation and technology,” said TaKaDu’s Founder and CEO Amir Peleg.

“Our offering gives other utilities a unique opportunity to maximise the value of their data and improve their network performance, leveraging Unitywater’s deep knowledge of our system.”

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