The Iplex EZIpit® is a real breakthrough in sewer construction technology, allowing a leak free plastic sewer system.

Providing considerable benefits over conventional concrete systems, where site access is difficult or environmental issues are a concern, the Iplex EZIpit® can be handled without heavy lifting equipment and can be installed at the same time as the sewer pipes.

As a result, substantial cost savings in construction can be achieved and risks associated with open excavation minimised.

The Iplex EZIpit® also provides easy access from the surface for inspection, water jet cleaning and maintenance in gravity sewer and drainage systems. The advanced design allows safe access for the use of typical CCTV inspection and rodding equipment but prevents man entry.

The base and shaft of the EZIpit® are made of injection moulded polypropylene, providing high resistance to chemical attack, exceptional toughness and ensures a long service life.

These components effectively seal to provide resistance to infiltration, which eliminates inflows during periods of prolonged wet weather. This can result in cost savings for sewage treatment plant operators and minimises the potential for environmentally hazardous discharges.

The Iplex EZIpit® inspection and maintenance shafts and chambers consists of a base, a corrugated riser shaft and cover arrangements suitable for trafficable (Class D) and non-trafficable (Class B) loading.

New to the range of cover arrangements is the Class B or D ‘Top Hat’ cover. The ‘Top Hat’ is assembled on top of the riser and sealed with an EZIpit® rubber ring. The frame is designed with a 300mm clear opening for safety purposes.

ezipit-image-2Available in two sizes provides flexibility in design and construction. The EZIpit® 600 chamber offers greater accessibility with remote cleaning and inspection equipment. The advanced EZIpit® 425 shaft can be used for more compact design and flexibility in your sewer network.

All components of the EZIpit® range comply with WSA 137 ‘Maintenance shafts and maintenance chambers for sewerage’, I.S.EN 13598-2, ISO 13272, AS/NZS 5065, AS 3996 and AS1646.

The Iplex EZIpit® range system is the future of sewer construction.

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