Recognising the emerging Australian demand for verified environmental product data, Iplex met the challenge head on and in the process become the industry leader.

In December 2015, Iplex Pipelines became the world’s first plastics pipe manufacturer to publish a suite of verified and registered Australasian Environmental Product Declarations (EPD®).

The declarations cover Iplex’s PVC non-pressure pipe and conduit, PVC-U, PVC-M and PVC-O pressure pipe, polypropylene drainage and sewer pipe, and the latest addition to the suite, polyethylene pressure and non-pressure pipe.

EPD’s are third-party verified documents based on ISO 14025 and EN 15804 standards that communicate transparent and comparable information about the lifecycle environmental impact of a product or service.

Importantly, Iplex EPD’s are of great assistance to customers – the builders and developers seeking to construct environmentally responsible buildings and infrastructure – because EPD’s present key environmental product performance data in a uniform format, free from clever marketing spin and “greenwash”.

Access to Iplex Pipelines EPD’s provides constructors of “green” infrastructure projects with the evidence they require to claim credit points under the Green Building Council of Australia and the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia’s rating systems.

To view the Iplex EPDs visit and to learn more about the International and Australasian EPD Program visit

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