PocketENGINEER™ offers portable convenience and the confidence to make the optimal pipeline choice.

With data compiled from internationally accepted standards and specifications, this free application includes an intuitive flexible pipe deflection tool, a complete listing of chemical resistance pipe data, the official PIPA Guidelines and new to PocketENGINEER™, the Flange Bolt Torque Calculator.

Bolt flange connections have been a mainstay of pipeline construction for decades and are frequently the first choice joint selected by designers to connect pipes, valves and fittings manufactured from dissimilar materials.

There is currently no Australian standard for PE flanges and often pipeline designers have no access to reliable engineering data; this leaves the task of determining an appropriate torque to the installer or more frequently the supplier of flange components.

The technical team at Iplex felt the industry needed an online solution to enable designers and installers to access guidance on PE flanges, including their configuration, the gasket and bolt type, torque and a tensioning procedure.

PocketENGINEER’s™ Flange Bolt Torque Calculator allows users to input actual system conditions and instantly access a flange tightening specification.

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