Australia’s water resources face significant challenges, necessitating innovative solutions and strong partnerships to ensure sustainability and resilience. 

With more than 80 years’ experience, Iplex has established itself as a leading provider of water solutions in Australia. Iplex’s commitment to collaboration, expertise, innovation and sustainability have made them a trusted partner with water authorities and within civil, irrigation and plumbing markets.  

Iplex has positioned itself at the forefront of pipeline innovation. Their product portfolio is a testament to their dedication of advanced solutions that enhance performance, durability, and efficiency. 

One such innovation is BlackMAX. Offering exceptional hydraulic and structural performance, BlackMAX is recognised for its reliability and durability compared with other conventional drainages pipes. 

With a team of experienced technical product managers and engineers, Iplex continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the water sector, ensuring efficient and effective solutions.   

Digital tools

Acknowledging that effective water management requires advanced digital and design technology, Iplex are continuously investing in advanced tools to enhance the value they deliver to their customers. 

Iplex Connect is a dedicated customer portal which allows customers 24/7 access to their important information including quotes, accounts, and real-time stock availability. 

Placing great emphasis on engineering design and support tools, Iplex’s Pocket ENGINEER is a web-based portal where registered users can access free of charge reference data and engineering tools relevant to the design of plastic pipelines. 

Customer satisfaction

Beyond providing innovative products, Iplex delivers exceptional service and support to its customers. Recognising that each water project is unique, Iplex takes a customer-centric approach, collaborating closely with clients to understand their specific needs. 

Technical expertise, prompt response times and commitment to customer satisfaction ensure that projects are executed seamlessly on time and within budget. 


As a strategic priority, sustainability has made significant strides at Iplex. The company is on track to achieve its science based target of 30 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions ahead of 2030 industry timeframes. 

In early 2022, Iplex launched its plastic pipe recovery and recycling scheme; Pipeback. Pipeback is built on circular economy principles and is offered across seven participating sites in Australia including in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. 

Collaborative partnerships are valued at Iplex, offering their customers opportunities to develop long term solutions that see projects expand on sustainability requirements and outcomes. 

Iplex is a signatory to Operation Clean Sweep’s zero pallet loss and Vinyl Council of Australia’s PVC Stewardship Program and is continuously looking at ways to improve its operational environmental impacts. 

Certifications are provided to Iplex customers for transparency on environmental impacts associated with pipe production including a suite of Environmental Product Declarations and Best Environmental Practice PVC. These can be found on the Iplex website.

The Complete Solution

The water challenges we are facing demand holistic approaches, technological advancements and strong partnerships. Iplex offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that address the diverse water needs of the nation. With its digital and design tools, commitment to sustainability, culture of innovation and service and support excellence, Iplex is focused on delivering efficient water management solutions now and into the future. 

To learn more visit the Iplex website.

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