You may have heard the recent lament about a shortage of skills in the cybersecurity sector, an idea that rose to prominence in 2016. But is there actually a shortage of skills in the sector? At Secure Utilities, we have the answers.

rb-picsRicki Burke, Information Security Recruiter and founder of CyberSec People, an information security recruitment consultancy, has over ten years’ experience in supporting organisations globally with niche cybersecurity talent. He’s got his finger on the pulse of where cybersecurity talent lies, and he’ll be discussing this very topic at Secure Utilities in Melbourne on March 23.

Passionate about the information security industry, Mr Burke is genuinely fascinated by its ever changing landscape. In his spare time, when not running around after his toddler son, he is constantly learning, listening to security podcasts, watching YouTube videos and reading.

Mr Burke is a proactive member of the industry, regularly attending conferences, meetup groups and networking events, and also organises events to help address specific issues in the industry, such as diversity and supporting the next generation get job ready.

His presentation, Is the Cybersecurity skills shortage real?, deals with the current stats and future predictions of cyber security skillsets, and looks at the true state of the industry.

Mr Burke will cover potential hiring strategies, looking at the difference between utilities and banks or telecommunications companies, and will explore the future of cyber security skills.

What is your utility’s cyber security hiring strategy?

Secure Utilities, to be held at the Rendezvous Hotel in Melbourne on 23 March 2017, will ensure your utility keeps up with the latest ideas and technology to keep its assets and data safe.


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