Jemena’s Gas Networks 2050 Advisory Board concluded a program of formal collaboration sessions, as part of ongoing work by Jemena to develop its 2025–2030 pricing and services plan for the New South Wales gas distribution network. 

Jemena’s engagement program will hear directly from customers over the next 18 months, as a new plan is prepared for consideration by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). Throughout the sessions participants considered how Jemena best prepares the network for a low-carbon future, as well as how it can support customers through the energy transition.

As leader of the diverse team heading up the price reset program, General Manager of Regulation at Jemena, Ana Dijanosic, said she was proud to see people come together for this session – the result of a lot of hard work and a culmination of a seven month journey with stakeholders.

“Being involved in the last customer engagement program in support of the price reset for 2020–2025 was a significant career highlight. As we gear up for the next price reset for 2025–2030, Jemena continues to provide a high standard of consultation and engagement and consider the significant role customers and stakeholders will play as we face the challenges ahead,” Ms Dijanosic said. 

Jemena’s General Manager of Gas Distribution, Mark Dragar, called out the in-person session with the Advisory Board as a real highlight. 

“After several months of online collaboration, it was great to get to know our members better in-person – working together on an approach for our 2025–2030 plan, with an eye to the long-term regarding Australia’s energy transformation,” Mr Dragar said.

Through his involvement in the last plan for 2020–2025, Mr Dragar said he learnt that listening to customers is not only important, but is critical to the success of the Jemena business, and supports Jemena to manage assets with care and consideration.

“I know it’s important to hear from our customers so that pricing and services reflect what customers actually want. Our partnership with the Advisory Board has got us really excited about the future, and we aim to do an even better job in this area than in our last price review,” Mr Dragar said.

Another key group being consulted as part of the key voices engagement program are young people. 

Gas Networks Regulation Manager, Andre Kersting, said, “It’s been fantastic to meet some really switched on young people, who are providing valuable insights on our approach to the 2025–2030 plan, with an eye to a long-term view of Australia’s energy transformation as well. 

“Young people will be deeply impacted by the decisions Jemena makes in the next few years, so it’s important we include these voices of future generations and meet them where they’re at, so that our pricing and services plan reflects their wants and needs as well,” Mr Kersting said. 

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