Jemena has unveiled a major new campaign designed to encourage homes and businesses in New South Wales to connect to natural gas, and to switch their existing electrical appliances to natural gas appliances.

“The Natural Gas, the Natural Choice campaign – which is now in its seventh year – has played a key role in over 30,000 customer sites being added each year to the Jemena Gas Network in New South Wales. We now have more than 1.2 million customers,” said Paul Adams, Jemena’s Managing Director.

Mr Adams said that the campaign, which kicks off this week, would target the 600,000 homes and business in New South Wales that are passed by a gas main but have not chosen to connect to the natural gas network.

“If we are able to increase the number of customers who use natural gas, this will enable us to spread our natural gas network’s large fixed costs across this increased number of customers, which will enable all customers to benefit from lower average network prices in the future,” he added. These costs – known as distribution charges – make up about half of a retail gas bill of an average residential customer.

Mr Adams said the marketing strategy for the Natural Gas, the Natural Choice campaign this year will focus on specific target audiences across the heating and hot water markets.

The marketing creative for this year will focus on the unique ability of natural gas to connect families by bringing them closer together. The media focus for the winter campaign will be on television, cinema, digital, local and magazine print and, for the first time, social media.

“The aim of this campaign is to create a very real catalyst to motivate consumers to switch from electricity and to connect to natural gas,” he said.

The campaign will also seek to increase sales of natural gas appliances though “hot deals” from alliance partners that will be made available by the Natural Gas, the Natural Choice website.

Hot deals that Jemena will be offering include:

  •  a $1,000 rewards card for home owners who install natural gas whole-of-home heating
  •  a $500 rewards card for installing hot water or flued space heating
  •  a $300 rewards card for installing unflued heating and
  •  a $300 rewards card for installers and appliance dealers who arrange brand new gas connections

Homes and business will also be eligible for a free standard gas connection if they are not already connected to natural gas.

Customers can read more about the hot deals and how to access them on the Natural Gas, the Natural Choice website at


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