Jemena has launched an online self-service portal making it easier to request, pay for and track the progress of connection services.

The new portal will allow electricians, developers and homeowners to manage a range of services themselves, dealing directly with Jemena on:

  • New Connections: Requesting a new permanent or temporary electricity connection.
  • Additions and Alterations: Requesting changes to your existing electricity supply and select your own appointment time.
  • Pole to Pit: Requesting relocation of your existing electricity supply from overhead wires to an underground pit.
  • Abolishment: Requesting complete removal of your electricity supply.

Jemena General Manager Customer Service, Erin Chain, said the portal was a first for the industry, developed to make it easier for electrical contractors, developers and customers to deal with Jemena and reduce the time and effort involved to connect to its network in north-west Melbourne.

Ms Chain said the portal has a range of benefits:

  • The new portal will reduce paperwork for users and save them time;
  • Connections services can be managed wholly online, including payment;
  • Using the portal is also more convenient, as requests can be made at users’ convenience on any computer or internet-connected mobile device;
  • The communications function on the portal also guarantees prompt responses to any queries and facilitates the high level of support Jemena’s customers expect.

“Our customers told us said they wanted the connections process to be straight forward, to better understand connection obligations and to deal directly with us on their network service,” Ms Chain said.

“The portal delivers a better customer experience, enabling us to get each customer’s requirements right and complete jobs in a timely manner. We can also securely share data so they can track the progress of their services, plus they can contact us whenever they want with any questions they may have.

“It will definitely streamline the connections process and help us develop stronger relationships with the users of our network.”

Ms Chain encouraged electricians and developers to get started on using the portal by visiting Jemena’s website at and clicking ‘connect and manage my electricity.’

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