Eastern Gas Pipeline

Jemena has announced plans to enable reverse supply for its Eastern Gas Pipeline (EGP), which could enable up to 300TJ of gas per day to be sent from New South Wales to Victoria.

Commissioned in the year 2000, the 797km EGP has traditionally brought gas from the Bass Strait into the New South Wales and Sydney market and has at times supplied more than 70 per cent of gas across New South Wales.

Initially, the reversal project could see the EGP operating bi-directionally and would be able to deliver 200TJ of gas per day from the Port Kembla Energy Terminal (PKET) – owned by Squadron Energy – to Victoria in time for winter 2026. 

At more than 90 per cent complete, the PKET is Australia’s most advanced LNG import terminal. Subject to market demand, southern flows could be increased to 300TJ per day.

Announcing the reversal project at the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook Conference, Jemena’s Executive General Manager of Gas Markets, Cameron Dorse, said the project was the fastest and most efficient way to bring additional gas south to Victoria before forecast gas shortages materialise.

“As recently as last week the Australian Energy Market Operator signalled the urgent need for additional gas supplies to the major demand centres in Victoria and New South Wales,” Mr Dorse said.

“We know gas plays a crucial firming role to renewable generation, particularly in the country’s south-east which is heavily dependent on gas to supply peaking energy as well as for use in domestic and commercial settings. The reversal project and Port Kembla Energy Terminal is the only realistic and viable option available to the market to make additional gas available quickly.”

Mr Dorse said Jemena was well-advanced in planning for the first stage of the reversal project.

The project comes after Jemena completed works to connect PKET to the Eastern Gas Pipeline in 2023. Those works saw the company construct a 12km pipeline lateral from Port Kembla to Kembla Grange in the New South Wales Illawarra region. The project also included an upgrade to the Kembla Grange facility to include a metering station.

Featured image: The Eastern Gas Pipeline. Courtesy of Jemena.

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