SA Water has halted work on the replacement of 700m of water main under Jetty Road at Glenelg, Adelaide, to allow for further investigation into underground infrastructure in the area.

SA Water’s Senior Manager of Community Engagement, Matthew Bonnett, said the project will be put on hold after several issues were identified, including the need for more investigation into the location and structural integrity of other underground services and infrastructure in the area.

“It’s important during any water main replacement, we take care to not disturb other services such as gas, electrical, stormwater or telecommunications,” Mr Bonnett said.

“In the case of Jetty Road, we also have to account for tram and streetscape infrastructure when undertaking the design and construction of a new water main. Unfortunately, we had limited visibility of these issues until our work had begun.

“We are confident with changes to the project design, we can continue to safely replace the main.

“Given delays to date, including due to wet weather, we have decided to resume this work in April 2018, to avoid impacting on the seaside strip’s busiest trade and tourist period during the summer months.

“Our priority is making sure this water main replacement can be done safely and results in limited impact on local businesses, residents and those travelling along the road.”

The existing water mains performance will continue to be regularly monitored during the project’s downtime to ensure a prompt response to any issues.

Work on the project began in July 2017 and around 120m of pipe has been renewed to date.

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