Water security for the Southern Moreton Bay Island communities has received a boost with the replacement of 80m of pipeline on Karragarra Island, led by Seqwater.

The milestone completed the project which was brought forward by Seqwater in a bid to shore up water security for residents on Karragarra, Macleay and Lamb islands.

Seqwater Chief Executive Officer, Neil Brennan, thanked the residents of all three islands for their patience while drinking water was shut down.

“Shutting down the water supply to residents is never a decision we take lightly, but in this case it was necessary to complete the work safely,” Mr Brennan said.

“In order to connect the new piece of pipe into the network we had to empty the system of water and isolate the particular section we were replacing.

“I would like to thank all residents for their efforts in allowing this important project to be completed in a timely and safe manner.”

The Karragarra Island Pipeline Replacement project took three months to complete, starting in early January 2021, with pre-work to get the site ready.

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